Etienne was taught his first sewing skills by his mother at a very young age. He eventually expanded his skills when he started making costumes for the works he created for Singapore Ballet, and for the Bornfire performances he was also apart of.

Etienne loves experimenting with different materials and skills like airbrush, painting, and is a fervent knitter.

As a performer himself, he understands the need for costumes to be functional and practical, while complementing the performers's various skills and artistry.


Bornfire Circus - Singapore River 2023


Bornfire Circus - Flipside festival 2023

Faux Contact

Singapore Ballet - Made in Singapore 2022 / Passages 2022

Me, my Monsters, my Friends.

Bornfire Circus - Flipside festival 2022


Bornfire Circus - Flipside festival 2021


Singapore Ballet - Made in Singapore 2021


Adedance - 2019

Let's Dance leg warmers

Leg warmer design for KPC yarn - 2018

Etienne x Sonata

Collaboration between and Etienne and Sonata Rainbow Dancewear Singapore 2016