Ballet 101: Decoding the Art Form for New Audience


Curated for the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, Singapore, as part of the da:ns focus – Ballet by the Bay. The show was designed to break down the foundations of ballet, from the daily practice of a ballet dancer, to what is Classical dance, and how it evolved to Neo-Classical.

Synopsis: "What makes ballet as magical as it is? If someone had never been exposed to ballet before, what would they need to know to understand the art form better? Across 30 minutes, let Etienne Ferrère and Rosa Park break down the foundations of the art form and bring forward the magic of ballet lines by sharing a glimpse of a professional dancer’s daily rehearsals. These rehearsals are crucial for dancers to maintain and improve proper technique. The repertoire of steps and actions that the dancers practice every day are the building blocks of choreographies seen in ballet performances. This programme will also include some excerpt performances from classical and neo-classical ballet works."

Don't panic


Created for Singapore Ballet in 2023

Two friends stuck in an elevator…

This short work playfully explores the idea of being trapped, and how quickly panic can overwhelm good intentions and lead to overreactions. Take a step back, a deep breath and gain perspective. Everything will be all right…eventually.

Music: "Four", "Men without a face”

big dog little dog

(Jessie Montgomery, violin, and Eleonore Oppenheim, bass)

Costumes: Etienne Ferrere

Faux Contact

Created in 2022 for Singapore Ballet, and inspired by a typing mistake, "Faux contact" explores the idea that a small mistake can lead to a big misunderstanding.

Music: Attaca Quartet, Caroline Shaw

Costumes: Etienne Ferrere


Formerly "You Ate my Guest"



"Espana" was created in 2022 for the students of the Scholars program of Singapore Ballet. The students were between 12-16 years old, and the piece was choreographed to display their understanding of classical technique and formations.

Music: Rodrigo, Concerto de Aranjuez


Created in 2021 for Singapore Ballet's choreographic workshop, "Singular" talks about feelings that are so common, yet singular to each of us.

Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Costumes: Etienne Ferrere, and the generous help of Sonata Dancewear Singapore